Recyclable Cups

PE Paper Cup

Recyclable Paper Cups

As firm supporters of sustainable development, we deliver eco-friendly ranges of PE coated paper cups to our esteemed customers. All our products go through an aggressive testing procedure under the stringent guidance of our quality controllers. Available in custom sizes, designs & colours, our products are specially designed to accommodate clients’ needs at industry driving costs.

What is PE Coating?

PE stands for polyethylene. It’s the type of plastic most commonly used around the world for plastic bags, packaging, and containers.  It’s also used as a coating on paper cups to make them strong and waterproof.

A paper cup needs to be waterproof, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to handle what’s poured into it. The first paper cups invented were made waterproof due to a thin coating of clay, however, this gave the drink a different taste. Wax was also used for a while, until PE was invented. PE was considered as a magic solution since it made the cups strong and waterproof, and had no impact on the taste.

Are PE Coated Cups Recyclable?

Yes, Paper Cup World PE cups are recyclable without separation. It can be recycled into 2nd grade paper towels & cardboard. 

What Do We Do To All Of Our Off Cut Cups' Material?

We use Shred-X to collect all our off cut, overrun and machine rejected cups. You can find some valued details regarding Shred-X Paper Recycling Services at:

What Does Shred-X Do With All The Material They Collect From Us?