Why Paper Cup World?

  • Made in Australia cups
  • Eco-friendly
  • Different type of materials to choose from
  • A wide range of cup sizes and colours to select from

What is the minimum order quantity for customised printing cups?

  • We accept orders starting from 15,000 units per size/design (1-2 colours max).

What is the maximum colours for printing?

  • We can print up to 6 colours.

How quick can you deliver?

  • It depends on the total order quantity. For a new order of less than 100,000 cups, it will take up to 20 business days.

What if I need a fast delivery?

  • Well, depending on the production of the factory at that time, we can make arrangements for a faster delivery at an additional surge fee of 25%.

Can I get a sample cup?

  • We can send you some of our overrun cups from our previous cup orders, to exam cup quality/printing. We do not recommend a test run for your design before order, because it will cost you from $1,250 (depending on the number of colours to be used)

How fast can I expect initial follow up after placing the order?

  • Usually, we respond within 6 hours of your order placement. In case of a holiday, we would expect your patience until the following day.

Can you help me with my design?

  • We can help you with your design, only if your design is simple (logo on the cups with some text).

How many cups can you pack per carton?

  • For all the single wall cups, we pack 1000 cups/carton. For all the double wall cups, we pack 500 cups/carton.

Do the cups at Paper Cups World uphold food safety?

  • All of our cups are confirmed to be food safe. We use food safe paper, inks, oil and glue.

Are the cups at Paper Cups World eco-friendly?

  • All our cups are eco-friendly, you can check each material individually:

PE – Recyclable cups: Click To Check
PLA – Compostable cups: Click To Check
Aqueous – Biodegradable: Click To Check